I’ve been researching childism and how it’s informed by patriarchy. Childhood is our first oppressive state.

Childhood are seen through a deficit model similar to other lower-empowered groups. Childhood is seen as a phase and therefore without social status — and you know how we treat people without or with low status in our society: prejudice and bigotry. See them as non-people. We stereotype and harm them physically and emotionally.

Patriarchy and capitalism is why we are children as being naturally inferior and therefore subordinate yet nobody really questions why youth and not contributing to productivity equates to subjugation.

Does having a still-developing frontal lobe justify subjugation? But if adults with mentally disabilities were treated similarly (and largely, they are) we call it ableism and cry about dignity.

It seems, unless children fit into what parents define as acceptable, they’re tone policed and shamed into being so.

Conformity into being a “Good child” is deeper than what parents want, it’s also what corporations want in good little worker bees. So patriarchal corporations are often a shadow co-parent.

Just a stream of conscious two cents.

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