Abril Garrido Chivato
2 min readMay 14, 2021


For sure. You captured conservative violence perfectly. And I’m not downplaying it.

Violence is multidimensial to me: physical, economical, medical, relational, and psychological.

White liberals may not storm the Capital but they talk of “unity” without justice. Gun control and not the entitlement of White men that drives public massacres. They say “assume positive intent” as if we aren’t experts of of own oppression.

They put Black Lives Matter signs in their yards but move out when too many Black people move in the neighborhood. They love volunteering/fixing Black youth )but don’t seek mentorship for non-White people). Nor do they advocate for the unequal funding of city schools — they don’t want more competition for their kids.

They promote empathetic leadership, as if being a better “Master” is a viable substitute for workers rights. They implement diversity and inclusion without justice and push narratives that people have no clue they’re being prejudicial.

Against unionizing/organized labor because they fear it will impede their fight to be on top. Want a seat the table to also exclude and exploit just like White men, not dismantle the harmful power structures.

MLK and Malcolm X both said White liberals are the worst enemy of Black and other non-White people because of their conformity, comfort, and complacency and unrelenting seeking of harmony over justice.

On an everyday interpersonal level, when it comes to destroying careers or enacting relational aggression, it’s been White liberals — DEI instructor, women’s ERG leader, mentor program sponsor, change agents, women in tech influencers — I’ve had to be the most wary about.

I’ve learned middle class white liberals have few qualms with characterless opportunism or contemptuous/pitying attitudes toward the working class.

Because when I’ve refused to be subservient or a pet project or put the egos of White people or men before my own need for self-respect and justice; or try to hold them accountable, it activates their latent colonial mentality activated and vindictiveness.



Abril Garrido Chivato

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