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2 min readSep 16, 2021


Genuinely moving to partnership society isto de-incentivize social dominant behavior.

Markets drive macro-behavior to sustain itself. US-flavored capitalism is rooted in hyper-competition and atomistic individualism that manifests in a social dominance hierarchy.

So long as characterless opportunism and lack of introspection remains incentivized at the alter busyness; big data using insights on us to manipulate our focus, consumption, and worldview, our attempts at a partnership society will be underminded by neoliberal "partnership aesthetic and affect." But it appears to be still largely, and ironcially, to serve careerism and scoring points on social media for social capital. People now really struggle with doing anything without an audience.

Isn't some of this already in full swing? Brene Brown has very interesting insights yet she is also part of the lucrative "do better, folks" industry that focuses on individual change (okay fair) without highlighting the historical and political drivers behind macro behavior (okay game denial).

From what it seems, its probably going to take mass organization (skeptical) or a few more Black swan events like climate change or pandemic. But hell maybe not even that. Even Rome ruined itself like a lactose intolerant kid who still insists on drinking milkshakes.

Pandemic was an opportunity to pivot but we were too willing to get back to normal because the powerholding population segment, the bulk being the professional-managerial class (with the 1% of course), wasn't really impacted (more inconvenienced). The market is still working for them ( enough for now). People are "awake" in many ways but we still struggle to know how to move toward the world we want in meaningful ways. It easier to fight your way in a fucked-up system than build a new one.

I've faciliated organizational change. Well-intentioned or not, organizations are dictatorships and people are the mercy of their benevolence. Without addressing the inherent power imbalance between leaders and workers; our legal and labor systems, we're still doing neoliberal game denial.

Yet that involves reassertion of organized labor when its far easier to simply quit than learn the social and tolerance skills needed to build solidarity with coworkers you likely hate.

There’s the government. But what’s civic duty when many, if not, most people have (rightfully) lost faith in our federal legal and political system which research shows are only influenced by rebel-oligarchs and lobbysists? Local government? Sigh. Citizenry is self-care. A sense of civic duty is chuegy. What about a cottagecore fantasy in the woods to escape it all?

Somehow I still have hope.

Recommended readings: "Winners Take All" that is explicitly about market/business solutions to address what are social problems at the root.

C. Wright Mill's "The Competitive Personality" written in 1947 but reads as contemporary.

Also "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded" on insights on why the third sector perpetuates the status quo and why it is so damn hard to get people organized for meaningful impact.



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