Abril Garrido Chivato
2 min readNov 23, 2020


How disgusting to suggest that a grown ass man doesn’t know that forcing himself onto a child falls outside the lines of “evil.”

As if rape wasn’t illegal in 18th century America. Or how Jefferson didn’t rape white servants in Paris, get a white mistress, or visit a discreet brothel. No. He chose to RAPE a 14 year old CHILD, whom he owned as property the same as a chair, to relieve his sexual needs because Jefferson knew then what we we know today:

In a world that hates women and Black people, nobody matters less than a young Black woman.

Did you think about Sally’s repeated pregnancies from RAPE? How pregnancy can have life-altering or threatening complications? How giving birth year after year was much more dangerous in the 18the century than today and enslaved women wouldn’t have received the best medical care?

Did it occur to you that Sally was a Christian and feared for her soul for -h̶a̶v̶i̶n̶g̶-s̶e̶x̶ ̶ being RAPED and having children outside of wedlock?

Or how RAPE was likely painful for her because she wasn’t aroused by being RAPED?

Did you think about how Sally was impacted psychologically from being REPEATEDLY RAPED without means to escape by a man who controlled her entire life?

Did you think about how Sally, being REPEATEDLY RAPED by Jefferson, would have impact her relationships with other enslaved people? Was she alienated by other enslaved people? Mistreated for it? Lonely? Mocked or mistreated by white Monticello guests? What about her children?

Or how Jefferson only freed his children — whom he never acknowledged alive — only when he was dead so his coward ass could escape the judgment of his white peers and enemies? That he robbed his own children from having self-determined lives until he died?

No, you didn’t. Of all the things you could have taken from this article and commented on, you could chose to make the tired ass “intentions” case to protect a dead slave-owning white man and CHILD RAPIST.

Your worldview won’t accept that Jefferson, a CHILD RAPIST, is on the $5 bill. It won’t accept that this nation would revere a CHILD RAPIST.

Your attitude is super basic and a key reason why this country is where it is in terms of of race and equity.



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