I feel this way too. I’ve facilitated organizational change, which fails 70%+ of the time — and Jesus Christ, it’s just 1,000 to 10,000 employees — and I also wonder how in the hell can this country of 300+ million people get it together?

Consistent across multiple organizations were middle-aged white women in DEI-related roles (one was even a leader on a DEI initiative and inarguably unhinged; another lead a women’s ERG) be low-key power-hungry terrorists, schemers, and/or White feminists, driving out Black women. Little wonder why those DEI initiatives fail — foxes in the hen house!

Is it pessimistic or is it realistic to lean toward doubt that a long-term, repetitive, unapologetic, thieving, Cheetoh-in-Chief voting abuser will change their ways?

I suppose, what do we have but hope, whether it be a fool’s errand or not?

Also, Corporate is the last damn place equity will take hold in any meaningful way for so many reasons. For one, it’s the biggest driver of wage gaps and major systemic equity debt. That fake phoney passive-aggressive culture is like a cheese grater the knee to the average Black person who likes to keep it real.

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