I’m writing an article and just thought about this quote I read yesterday and one you made in your video about how music unites people in the moment.

I grew up in still not so diverse Madrid, not ingraining American society’s unwritten rules on what is/what’s not for Black people. I’m lucky.

It was during a predominantly Black American 8th grade band class (clarinet), that the teacher put on Amadeus. My classmates did not care for it. As me, like Salieri, when the Queen of the Night broke into her aria of revenge, I was enthralled. I begged my parents to buy me a CD series of Mozart, my gateway into classical music — and medieval modal music, jazz, and other things. It inspired me to take several years of German.

Mozart is for everyone. If it wasn’t branded elite, old, and, white people music, my classmates could have felt more joy, familiarity toward the music in Amadeus. I feel some did but didn’t openly express it.

I think I’ll reach out to my local symphony to see what they are doing for outreach and disenfranchised communities.

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