My first thought was, “Why is she even friends with someone like Piers Morgan who has not only been trash to Meghan but to many people in his privilege-driven career?”

Sadly, “Sharons” are a huge reason why Black and non-Black Latinas report having the fewest allies at work.

You may think, “Ken seems down-to-earth and has integrity” until you see him ki-ki-ing with the office’s ticking sexual harassment lawsuit beyond the expected and unavoidable “professional” relationship-building.

For “Sharons” of the world, as long as it doesn’t (seem to) negatively impact them directly, and especially if it gives them a boost to wherever they want to be, personal values and ethics will take a backseat.

But “Sharons” need to understand the current political and social climate: when you lie down with dogs, expect to get up with fleas.



Abril Garrido Chivato

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