Abril Garrido Chivato
1 min readNov 20, 2020


Thank you for the thoughtful response.

Mine could have been more thoughtful. I’m not ragging on you. My comment is aimed at the universe but lacked context. I’ll have to check out your other work.

We both know the systemic reasons for the wealth gap (have you read The Color of Wealth: Story of the US Race Divide ?).

What seldom gets discussed is the other “hydra head” working against Black intergenerational wealth: many Black parents and communities have internalized the “bootstraps” mentality. It’s not the biggest reason by any means, but it is a thing.

That anything given outside of a W-2 makes you weak or dependent — somehow makes you “spoiled.” American culture is punitive in general. In many Black communities, it’s more pronounced, especially among Boomer parents.

Even if they have money to invest in future generational wealth, some Black parents don’t see/raise their children as investments for the future beyond raising them to adulthood. They may loan $500 for car repairs but not toward a business idea or for their kids to open an IRA Roth account.

I get it. It’s rooted in unhealed intergenerational trauma responses. White or nonBlack PoC parents can do this to their children too. I can’t say if it’s more so, but the impact is a majorly disproportionate with Black millennials.