The author was discussing systemic problems which are not changed by individual responsibility…. because it’s systemic. You solve community problems (society is a community) with systemic solutions. Where’s the Confusion?

To insist some people “just don’t want to do better their lives” is 1) to ignore basic human psychological needs and question your own thinking and 2) to suggest that enough people *just* don’t want to better their lives exist that it’s undermining systemic racism is such tired bullshit. This line of thinking is just another version of “bootstraps theory” which has already been many times debunked but is still a favorite argument of conservatives.

If your original comment showed any curiosity and humility, I’d still think you were lazy in not performing your own research but I can at least work with curiosity. You didn’t. You showed up truly thinking you are making some original stance that nobody has ever thought of, written about, discussed, did studies on, taught classes on at the college level, and thoroughly debunked a million times over. A simple Google search would have showed this.

Martin Luther King Jr. maintained the greatest threat to Black people are those who espouse liberal ideology. I get it.

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