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2 min readAug 23, 2021


This has been studied! I got the tip-off from my bestie, who is a psychiatry fellow. Among psychiatrists and therapists, psychopathy is higher than the general public.

Nursing is rampant with Machivelliansm and relational aggression. Ever heard the quote: "Nurses eat their young?" My bestie always tries to stay on their good side.

I saw this on Tiktok: "White women are to teaching as White men are to policing." These Snow Possums get years of access to harm Black children's potential and spirits.

Characterless Miserables enter these jobs for the social capital of being a Good Person (TM) and ability to be a controlling-hand to Unfortunate Souls.

"Department of Labor has forecast they will need more people to do jobs requiring skill and trade certifications over the next 10 years. "

Though not glamorous, blue collars jobs pay and its necessary and honest work. You get tangible results of your labor.

Corporate knowledge work is fuzzier and often intangible. It leaves space for Karen and Todd's, who can't compete, to discredit or sabotage. Usually both.

"Corporate America is overrated."

In a former life, I drove organizational change at places you definitely have heard of. I've never met such soul-void, petty, self-loathing, bitter, and characterless opportunists in my life. People who sit in ergonomic chairs and A/C making 100k+ with 401k plans yet be so damn miserable to themselves and others.

This is why my dad turn down a job offer from Boeing etc. after he retired from the military. Decided to become a truck driver.

He could make more in that office job but dealing with people’s BS is minimal.



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