Abril Garrido Chivato
1 min readNov 26, 2020


Yep to all of this. Most of my troubles at work have been at the hands of some badly aging white snow possum. Middle-age white women are the worst truly. In any white country, they're the weakest links. I'm American. They proved that yet again during the Trump election.


However, I have to point out a big glaring "mmm no" about white men falling in love with their enslaved women.

A person in bondage cannot give sexual consent. It's coercion and coercion is rape. Rape and attraction are not mutually inclusive. However, rape is always, at minimum, about power and entitlement.

Jefferson began raping a 14 year old Sally Hemmings not out of love. Sex with even a free and willing 14 year was taboo back then. Plus he was vocal in his views of Black people's ugliness. Sally was 3/4 white and was an exotic exception.

Jefferson's motives were practical and calculated as they were self-serving:

1. He raped Sally because he was a sex-starved new widow. Sally was his slave, so it was convenient.

2. For Jefferson to have a white mistress or visit a bordello could been used against him. Gossip about his relationship with Sally didn't harm his image because nobody cares about young Black women then anymore than they do now.

3. Since Jefferson owned Sally's body, he could ensure she was free from incurable venereal diseases like syphilis.