You paid for a bunch CEOs to get bonuses last year at organizations that bypassed storing up profits for emergencies like a pandemic; who made bad business decisions that made them vulnerable yet got bailed-out with no strings attached and fired a bunch of workers.

This has happened multiple times before that. bUt YoU cARE aBoUt NaTiOnAL dEbt.

So where is the outrage for corporate welfare?

Are millennials the first generation to be poorer than their parents for individual choices or because we came to adulthood live in a society where you now need a degree to answer calls at the front desk for $9?

What does your specific situation or that of your niece — not to mention your White privilege- have to do with an overarching societal phenomenon?

Toxic individualism, “bootstraps” — I cannot for this attitude to die.



Abril Garrido Chivato

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